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About Us

Sichuan Chengdu Tiance Trademark & Patent Office (hereinafter referred to as TIANCE), has been operating in the IP legal advisory market since 1998. TIANCE is a devoted full-time Intellectual Property Firm, providing an extensive range of professional Intellectual Property law services including trademark, patent, copyright in China and in other jurisdictions.

After decades of practice in this area, TIANCE has established close cooperative relationship with thousands of domestic and foreign clients, and also has established good partnership with law firms or intellectual property agencies in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide and have gained a high reputation among our domestic and overseas clients.

TIANCE has nearly 100 employees. After decades’ effort, TIANCE has grown into one of the largest and leading law firms in China. With its headquarters in Chengdu, Tiance has set up multiple branch offices in Sichuan and Beijing. With respect to the headquarter, TIANCE has two offices in Chengdu, and both covering more than 1400㎡, and are equipped with professional IP management software as well as our own initiatively developed OA management systems.

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